I Am the Wife of a United States Marine

Now i havent been with my husband long... Most of our time being together is threw the phone.... now its hard being like this but i feel it will get better as time goes on. He will pick up soon and he will be in his fleet and we will finally be together. But what scares me the most is when we do live together things will change and we wont be so in love anymore... But everything aside i love being a marine wife....

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its the best feeling in the world after months of a long distance relationship to be able to give him a kiss and hug everyday when he gets home from work! and the communication gets better too cuz you can see eachothers ex<x>pressions and feel eachothers emotions...its amazing. you will love it :)

I often wonder what it'll be like when were finally living together... Our relationship has been long distance for the most part so it'll definitely be an adjustment.<br />
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I'm sure after you guys get adjusted your marriage will grow in love :)

If you're truly in love you don't have anything to worry about. My fiance and I (soon to be married in July) have been together 5 yrs and we are closer than ever. Of course we have to try new things and keep the romance going. I haven't lived the military life yet but will and can assume that it makes you appreciate life that much more! You will love it!

o yea i believe what samantha06 says military life definatly makes you know what you got and just how good you got it..

i was worried that after a while, our relationship might loose passion too. but its been almost 3 years now and i only love him more than ever! military life i think really mkes you grateful for what you youve got. so dont worry too much. i think if you love eachother it should all work out.