Our Story Isn’t Magnificent, Or Awfully Romantic,

....but it is our reality and we’re pleased with how it’s worked out.

My boyfriend, Brian, and I had lived in the same town all of our lives. We didn’t officially meet until I was a freshman in high school and we rode the same bus to school each day. I always sat with the group of guys in the back of the bus (and he was one of them) so I became pretty close to all of them. I had a boyfriend at the time, and had been with him for about two years. He was controlling and emotionally abusive. He was bipolar and clinically depressed and as much as I wanted to help him, all he did was bring me down with him. Eventually things blew up with that and after a horribly messy breakup I was enjoying being free from him. After about 5 months of being single one of the guys from the back of the bus (B) liked me and I was thinking about giving him a shot. All of the guys bugged me about B for several days asking if I’d go out with him if he asked….. I started sitting with the guys at lunch too. I’d sit by Brian and “share” his lunch. [He always got double lunches, so he had more than enough =P] Well Brian also tried to help B out and tried to talk me into giving B a chance.

After 2 weeks B hadn’t asked me out and I didn’t really mind. I realized there were a lot of things I didn’t like about him and it would’ve been a waste of time. At that point Brian started talking to me more and more. He was quiet and very ornery, so I knew something was going on when he made conversation with me every time he saw me. After a few days he’d get me out of my classes to come hang out in wood shop with him (yes, his senior year consisted of wood shop, wood shop, swimming, and library aid! haha). Then he talked about running to start training for boot camp. He suggested I go with him and so after school he’d run to my house, and we’d continue running WAY down this dirt road through the woods. We talked a lot on our runs and got to know each other pretty well. He was a tough guy with an amazing sense of humor and I couldn’t help but fall for him. The more I got to know him the more I realized he is so much like my dad, which is scary, but a good thing. After a few weeks of running together he asked me out on the bus. [5.15.2006] B of course got mad at Brian and it took about a year for him to get over it!**Brian later told me that he liked the whole time he was trying to hook me up with B but figured he’d let B have a chance with me because he knew he’d be leaving in a few months and didn’t really want to put me through that. But the more we got to know each other the more he saw how right we were for each other so he couldn’t let me go.**

The first month of our relationship was awkward. Which I think is natural but I blame it mostly on my insecurities after the messy breakup I had 6 months prior. I was afraid of letting Brian have enough of me to hurt me. I was uncomfortable being physically close to anyone and it took a little bit to get over that but the more time we spent together and the closer we became, I was able to break down those walls and get over the bulk of my insecurities. (YAY!)

He graduated from high school in June and we spent the entire summer together. When he wasn’t painting houses, digging ditches, or some other random work, he was hanging around town with me J. I knew he would be leaving for boot in August so I made sure to get as much time in with him as I could. Things continued to get better and better with us. The week before he left I cried to him almost every night.[I’d rather cry while he’s here to hold me and encourage me than to cry all alone.] Boot camp was a little rough for me…(looking back I think it has been the roughest part of the corps, probably due to our relationship not being as steady and solid at that point.) but when he came home and knocked on my door the Sunday after his graduation, I knew that everything would come together and we’d work out wonderfully. I fell in love with him all over again at that point and ever since then, we’ve been doing great. He’s shown me that if we truly love each other, we can make it through anything. He’s shown me respect and kindness that I’ve never seen in any other guy. He’s simple, practical, smart, determined, driven and hilarious. I couldn’t ask for more than to be loved by such a great man. <3
We’re approaching our 3 year anniversary and are preparing for his second deployment. :)


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hey im hadassah...it is romantic!! i love it :) you guys sound like a great couple and like you will definitely have no problem making it together...i need some advice on being optimistic even when facing a deployment! lol we haven't been thru one yet and im very much NOT optimistic when i think about it :( i suck

AWWW your story put a huge smile on my face!!! That is the cutest thing. I love how optimistic and positive you are!! yayy! Good luck on your second deployment!!!! I have 12 days left in my first one :) :) :)

i love this story! prob bc its so similar to mine :) i havent wrote out my whole relationship with my husband yet, but when i get around to it, read it... its very similar