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Hi my name is Heather I am 20 yrs young and have been with my Marine for a Year as of March 28 2009. I live in San Antonio , TX But he is currently stationed in Camp Pendleton , CA. We have know each other since high school and lost contact over the years but then started talking again though My space ( corny i know) but we was home for about a week and we hung out everyday and night and just clicked. It really was magical. He then of course had to go back I stayed here in TX and he in Cali.. it has been a hard year, we have never been in a long distance relationship b4 this. He is currently deployed and has been since Jan 09, But i hope to see my love in August 09 when he hopefully will be back. We plan on getting married then and starting our life. He is 21   Oh and I am a licensed Esthetician here in TX. This is the first site i joined for military girlfriends and hope to meet alot of interesting and strong women. :)

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Thank you ladies I love this site already. You all are so very nice.

Welcome to EP... im fairly new myself... IM Joan ur gonna love these girls there the best :)

Welcome!!! <br />

we need more people from Chicago !!!!

im not from texas either...actually ive never even been in texas...hmmmm...haha anyways welcome to the group! :) im hadassah.