first of all let me define a gold digger for some of you girls who could never be one... its a hot woman who dates older richer men solely to advance her social status and spend his money.

now since you guys complain that I never share Ryan stories let me share some

a sweet story...

Ryan went to the field the week before Spring Break so he sent me letters to my house in LA and my house in NYC. They were sooo sweet. They were all like, I m his life, he never thought he could give this much to a woman, and that he'd lay his life down for me just like his country.

Then I had my molars removed on Monday, and he sent me flowers (I forgot this in the original post). to my house. The battery in my camera died, but the flowers are still kickin.  We talk everyday, a lot. I ll tell you about college in the next post!


Lately Ryan and I have been at great odds over the proper role of Defense Attorneys in the United States. I'm not sure if you guys know about it, but basically unless a crime is about to be committed that privledge must be honored even in death. Otherwise, our legal system would not work because ppl would not have confidence in their lawyers and our legal system. I think that it is a fundamental principle. Ryan thinks that if a family is looking for the body of a dead girl and a lawyer knows he must disclose it. And he researched it and looked up cases and we had a really nice brunch in West Hollywood and presented our opposing cases. No one really won, but the Supreme Court sided with me. THEN the other thing we strongly disagree on is the exclusionary principle... which has to do with the admittance of evidence into trials. If it was not collected correctly it is usually inadmissable, even if it known by all actors in the judicial system that the person is guilty. I think that it protects the innocent, and I believe in a Utalitarian view point. Which just means that the majority is served. He believes it is an archaeic and unnecessary rule and that it only be used against the seriousness of the crime. What do you guys think?

I'll post more tmr about our life. But yeh! That's basically it. We're young and keeping it simple for the most part.

Godspeed Everyone! 

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8 Responses Mar 21, 2009

haha i know EXACTLY what you mean! lol...we're both so damn stubborn- he gets it from his mom and i get it from my dad haha theres no hope lol...when we have kids they're doomed!!!

haha thats funny ****...i love how you guys like had an organized debate over it lol thats awesome too. me and aaron quiz eachother on just random **** all the time...but neither of us can handle being wrong so it never ends well hahaha lmao

aww i LOVE white flowers...hence the name lol...white calalilies are my favorite!! haha i felt really dumb when i read this story cuz i dont know anything about the whole defense attorney thing...lmao

i think if he is willing to comprimise & go to grad in ny then i dont see why you cant go with him for a little while

i think it is a big step but i dont think it is a bad thing! you said yall have been together for like 3 years! I think as long as you dont mess up your credits to bad in the move then it should be fine! & parents are dumb lol at some point you have to start living for you & i think it is a good time for yall to get more focused of your relationship after having it 2nd to the marine corps for so long!

lol yeah i know! i know a guy that gets his wife flowers like everyother week. so they dont mean anything because she always gets them! but like with shane it always means a lot because i know he is against them lol

aw i love white roses too! shane doesnt do the flower thing much either... he doesnt get it because he knows they will die soon lol but he shows up everyonce in awhile with them so it makes it even better! :)<br />
<br />
its getting better i have been doing what all the preggo books say & their advice seems to be helping lol

good post alexis! he sounds like a good guy, im sure the flowers were beautiful what kind were they?