CALL Out! and Clarification

-I KNOW Natalie is NOT Freakitona, just like I would not create fake accounts, we're in your face girls and we would not HIDE behind another screenname. I do believe you sent freakitona my picture when you messaged her... is that true or not Natalie?

-And Freakitona if its not a big deal, ONE POST PHOTOS of you and your marine, and POST more photos of YOU. And btw a runway model's career ends at 19... maybe you could push it to 21. I know you're another and older member on this group... we all think so... if you re not prove it... post more pictures, tell HOW you got my picture... and make sure your pics have your marine in it...

Its not a big deal right?

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1 Response Mar 21, 2009

ok who in the heck is enregalia?<br />
& some people just need a life..<br />
btw alexis more exposure for you