Looooove Him :) But Scared For Her

ok as you all know that charles and i r getting married in 4 months n after the wedding i was suppose to move down to jacksonville,nc but now that charles has to go somewhere for like 3wks after him n i get married i wont be movin down there til august. but he told me since i wont be movin down there til august that way u (i) can spend as much time with tara even thou that ill be up in ohio every month. 

tara...she will be havin surgery (to get the cancer scrape out) on the 16th of april but her doctors told her that if the surgery doesnt work then she has to go on kemo and that the most tragic news is that her doctors doesnt know the estimate(spelling?) on how long she has cuz her cancer is at a level 3 (which is from 1 of being life threating to 10 of the cancer is gone).  tara is like my lil sister cuz her n i r so close n we r just unseparateble(spelling?) n thats y it meant soooo much to me whn charles told me that i can *** up here one week every month. 

charles even told me that if she wants she can *** live with us for awhile....but of course we would have to find our own place first but tht wont be until he gets bk from his 2nd deployment. im soo lucky that i have a guy that will soon to be my husband like him that understands completely n knows how much this means to me.

this is sooo hard for me cuz i just dont want to leave her at all...is there any other way that i can cope with this cuz its been a month now since she told me the news about her n im still kinda not takin it well.

sry if this doesnt make sense its just still kinda hard for me to talk about tara's situation

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im so sorry...i cant even imagine how hard it is to not know how much time someone you care about so much has left so i really dont know how to deal with it but i hope everything goes well with her surgery and its really good that you're getting this time with her and are there for her. it is really nice that charles is being so understanding...i hope everything works out hun

i'm so sorry to hear about your friend!<br />
<br />
i hope things get better! stay strong and feel free to message me if you wanna talk.