Ahh Finially....

ahh finially this drama bs is over.....tara n i had a talk today over breakfast about her tryin to make my decision for me.  yea i understand on wht she is goin through right now n tht she doesnt want me to leave at all but she was really just tryin to look after me n wants whats best. yea i may be too young to get married but i want to be married to charles cuz i love him so much n that hes the best thing that has ever happen to me.  but tara now does understand where im coming from n how happy charles makes me.

i just feel really bad for her cuz im like pretty much her only best friend here in ohio cuz after our 8th grade yr she moved to vegas n then just in april of '08 she moved bk to ohio n now her best friend(me) is movin 600 miles (jacksonville, nc) away from her but she knows that ill be cummin up here every month n that when charles leave for his 2nd deployment in a few months (after him n i get married) that ill more likely be movin bk to ohio 'til he gets bk but that also depends if i have a job down there to....which im hoping that i would so i could help charles with the bills n everything. 

USMCwifeSeMpErFi09 USMCwifeSeMpErFi09
18-21, F
Mar 22, 2009