Jade Goody Has Died

Girls Cervical Cancer is usually caused by the STD HPV.

There IS a vaccine called Guardasil out there for certain types of HPV. I personally would not recommend it though as it very new. You can take it from the ages of 13-26, but since it is so new the long term side effects are not really known. Most gynos are required by law to inform you about it and recommend it.

HOWEVER, the best way to protect yourself girls is to always use condomns (even tho they don t completely protect against HPV as it can be contracted by skin to skin contact), unless you're in a committed relationship, and to ALWAYS get a pap smear done on a yearly basis once you become sexually active or turn 18. There are free services in almost every city and if you are married, your marines insurance definitely covers a yearly pap smear, MORE if they find cycts on your ovaries, which can easily be removed and treated when found in time.

Jade Goody was a popular British reality tv star. She was a low-class Paris Hilton and was equally loved and hated. Late last year they discovered she had Stage IV cervical cancer and while the doctors tried their best, they could not save her. She is survived by her two young sons, and was 27 years old.

GET TESTED GIRLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Also, a lot of times gyno's don t test for all types of hpv when ordering your pap smear results so make sure you request that they do extensive testing or the extended version.

If any of you girls need help finding a free testing place in your area message me with your town/city and I will find one for you.

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2 Responses Mar 22, 2009

I completed the guardasil vaccination (its 3 shots over several months) and I had no known side effects...

i have a friend that has gotten the shot and swears by it...lol....she never had any bad side affects...just a lil burning at the injection site...but she is fine...<br />
<br />
i heard that there were some deaths from Gaurdasil though...like 4 girls or somethin..i might be wrong..i will never get this shot but that is my decision and i think everyone who does choose to get this shot is just looking out for their health which is never a bad thing girls!...like she said already...get tested and be safe!!