I Got to Talk to Him!

OMG! Josh called about 15min ago! (he's at boot) and i got to talk to him for about 10-15min! You just dont understand i havent talked to my baby in 3 months! =)  ughhhhh that made me wana see him even more =( thursdays the day & i have all my ish packed and ready to go!

roeroe246 roeroe246
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3 Responses Mar 22, 2009

i cant wait i mean we have never & i mean never been away from eachother this long..<br />
<br />
& i told him how i felt like i have gotten fat since he left.. he told me to shut up then went on to say well i gotta 6 pack now! <br />
i mean i expected nothing less but do you know how nasty in gonna look next to him @ the beach

yayy lucky you got the call.. cuz i never did lol. thatsss great.. you think the call was amazing? waiiit till you see him for the first time when he's doing the motor run!

AWW! Goood :)<br />
I'm glad you'll get to see him soon too!