Well girls... I have bad news!

Matt broke up with me on saturday... sad but idk what to do! this totally came out of nowhere! he called and left me a voicemail saying "i didnt want to do this over the phone but i just dont think this is gonna work... we dont have time for each other and i need some time to think..." meaning he didnt have time for me... idk what the hell is goin on with him! this is stupid! he comes home in 2 weeks... the day before my birthday! and said if he has time while he is home we might be able to sit down and talk in person... but i dont think he will! im upset bc i have waited for him and given him no reason to do this... he was the one that brought up marriage and he was the one who asked me if i could do this bc he knew he could... but i think there is another girl!

i find it kinda fishy how his facebook is always updated but he told he that he couldnt add me as a friend and he never had time for it... wow! i cant believe i didnt see this coming! i had a gut feeling that something was up with him! but i thought i was just over thinking things... he said we may be able to work things out later... but i dont think i could deal with this again... i hope he realizes what i did for him... but i cant do that again! i put up with too much!

i am no longer a marine girlfriend... but im still gonna stay on here! i love you girls! thank you for all the support! ill keep you girls updated with my stuff and i hope to keep reading all your wonderful stories! 

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i saw all the signs i just choose to ignore them... i even confronted him in a joking way about a few of them... this may sound stupid... but i kept all his texts and typed them up... so i have proof that he said he wanted me forever and stuff like that... he was so worried i would change my mind about our relationship... i didnt expect this... but his loss! i put up with way too much sh** with him!!!! and i wont do it again! i would be stupid to put up with him again! i hope he tries to get me back... he will realize how much i did and put up with... and when he really wants to settle down with someone he'll have to deal with the fact that it wont be me!!!! so good luck to him! i just feel bad for his family... he i was gettin really close to them and i told his mom that he broke up with me and she told me she was sorry and she hopes i still stay in touch! lol i thought it was cute! and i plan on staying in touch with his parents! his mom has been so good to me!

Sorry to hear that.<br />
And don't feel bad bc you missed all of the signs, we tend to do that as women.

i'm so sorry! and to think.. you were the one being strong this whole time.. putting up with the **** we get put through.. and all for what.. for this?! no no no.. that isn't fair to you.. you know sooner or later he's gonna realize what you meant to him andd that just like there are only the FEW who are willing to be marines.. well there are even FEWER of us girls who are willing to live the marine lifestyle. so you know what.. goood luck to him.<br />
<br />
and as for youuu my dear, i bet you're sad and and have all these mixed feeelings.. and its okay.. but don't let this eat you up inside. this was his decision not yours, and know that no matter what happens everything turns out okay in the end.<br />
<br />
keeep your head up lovely!

yeah i dont think i could put myself through that again with him... i know i can do better... but seriously ive always pictured myself with a marine...