Adapt, Improvise and Overcome

This is what our Marines do, so can we.

I love this site, it really has helped me. I'm one of the "older ones" on here and I don't post very often. Usually when I have good news from my deployed husband, because honestly my friends cannot relate to the joy of the 3am call after two weeks of none. I met my husband right before he joined, so we have gone through the whole journey together. We are 11 months from EAS. And while I can't relate to every story, there are people on here who have supported me with only knowing I was a Marine wife. That's the opposite of what I commonly find in the civilian world. If I hear, "how do you do it?" and "oh, it's his second deployment, so that must be easier.." or any other of the the dumb-*** things people say trying to be nice, I'll scream.  And sometimes, I do. But you ladies get that, or you will very soon.

The great thing about EP is that you can create and recreate it to be whatever we want. So please, ladies, stay. Some have you have been a great encouragement to my heart, so if you go, I thank you for the helpful things you have contributed, it is appreciated. I'm staying, because I was out of the drama from the beginning and I want to help even if it's a little thing like leaving a comment that I understand.

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1 Response Mar 23, 2009

Larissa, I have so much respect for you. Your family is first priority, that's the way it should be.