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So February 27, my guy turned Marine and I was there and loved it. I could not believe it was really happening, it seemed dream like. But I was really glad to get him back home and give him so sweet tlc. It was nothing like what I thought it would be when I was with him; it was like we did not skip a beat. But I think we were both afraid to really talk about everything that we just went though. We were really able to spend a lot of time together while we also got plenty of time with our own families since I was home from college on spring break too. It sucked having to say goodbye again when I had to come back to school, he was not able to come back with me because his family was planning a party and I could not drag him away from it I would not have felt right, him leaving. But while home my parents finally after almost 3 and a half years they are ok with my relationship, even though they don’t know that we are engaged and have been for quite some time. But I think that they will be ok with it eventually.

So he is at MCT right now and I think it is so much easier now I can speak with him some, but with him not around for so long I think that we both really want to get married now. There are many reasons why we should not but the few reasons that we should kind of over power that. I am in love and I could not live without him. But I am going to college in south Dakota and god only knows where he is going to be, and if we got married I don’t think that we would live together for a few years, depending on what I want to do about school I don’t have the guts to tell my parents cause I think that they would flip. It’s hard, and I know all you marine girls know that this different world we live in. My friends who are not acting much like friends don’t understand. I have everything figured out what we would need to do if we were to get married. But if we don’t do it now and listen to the better judgment we will be waiting 3 and half years. That is the length of our relationship. I am not sure really what all it would change but I know that we both want to be married and that it will happen its just a matter if we take a crazy leap and go our selves or if we wait and do the real wedding in 3 1/2 years from now.

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welcome! and in the mean time, planning for the wedding now isn't a bad thing. you'll be prepared for later! lol.

Thanks girlies, i checked out the time line of him getting out of MCT and when my school will be out for the summer and by the time everything would be ready then i would be home with my family so it would not work for now. Maybe giving it around a year or so things will be more clear if we should try it again.<br />
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Once again thanks

i agree. if you are more worried about what if's, then i think it's better to wait. this is something you really have to think about. i know you both wanna be together, but make sure you do what you have to do for yourself to be happy. once you are, things will be fine. in order for a relationship to work you have to make sure you're completely happy with you and your life first.

my concern is not with a divorce, or if things will change between us. We have talked about what we would do if that were to ever happen and we dont believe in divorce. I am most concerned about my family. I would not have the guts to tell them and i would be afraid taht if they knew that would just cut me off. While they dont do much i would think they would take away my car. <br />
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NOw i wish i could leave school. I hate being this far away from him like this. And school is loosing its apeal. I dont know it all messed up.