How to Become a Good Wife

so... me and jesse are married now, its been like 2 weeks now, but for some reason i am unhappy. i feel that im not in a happy marriage and that im not bein a good wife. how do i become a good wife for my husband? and why am i unhappy? is it becuz im far from him? i think that has alot to do wit it.. please help girls. juss tell me wat i have to do to become a good wife for my husband.

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...and CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! ;0

ok hun look- dont start regretting getting married right now...its going to be difficult for the first little while. i mean marriage is about getting to know that person in a way nobody else can or ever will and lets face it- that is hard to do from so far away! im betting once he gets back and you are together you will realize that you really are happy and this is exactly what you want! i mean if you were convinced enough before that you wanted to marry him how much of a mistake could it really have been? you'll be fine...and i think its fairly normal to worry a little bit when you first get married that oh **** i have no idea what im doing!! its like having your first baby previous relationship experience can prepare you for marriage just like having your own first child is nothing like babysitting for an aunt (lmao i dont have kids yet but ya know what i mean) its just something that takes time...that you have to adjust to. dont worry that your marriage is going to fail! just try to keep positive...and dont let the distance come between you (hmm) in the mean time. you married this man for a reason...just remember that when you start to doubt yourself. people marry for love but marriage takes more than just love...and that is what you have to give time to adjust to. you will be fine and so will your marriage :) <br />
think happy thoughts :) :) :)

Were you unhappy b4 you got married? And it will all be ok about the he's far away. And amanda I thought I was the only crazy ***** to throw phones lmfao

aw...congrats love!<br />
<br />
and i also think that it's just the distance that is making you unhappy right now. every now and then you'll def. start to feel really down at certain times, but you have to think positive and stay strong.<br />
<br />
the more you dwell on realizing he's not with you and the distance, the more you will start to "wonder" and question everything.<br />
<br />
stay strong, focused and everything will be ok. :)

aw my love is named jesse too! and I kind of feel you, only I decided not to go through on the marriage thing, because he willl deploy soon and I'll be in school in the big IA and he'll be all the way in cali, or africa/afghanistan idk yet.. but the fact you chose to get married is something I had been really considering, and now that you've gone through with things I agree with natalie when she says just focus on school, and think about how LUCKY you are that you married a man you love :) <br />
stay positive and remember to never tell yourself you made the wrong decision, because that puts doubt in both of your minds and it's probably completely unnecessary!! I wish you luck!

just stay positive!<br />
i mean.. you've only been married 2 weeks and youve been apart for most of that.. that's not being married at all!<br />
<br />
i would say your not unhappy w/ ur marriage. i think it;s just being apart.

well... he is stationed at camp lejeune and i live in northern kentucky recieving my bachelors degree. he will be deployed soon, so there is no reason for me to move there now, when he wont be there, so, i will stay here in ky until next summer, then will take a semester off from school while he is stationed somewhere new and we move. <br />
i dont think im a bad wife, i juss feel that i am alone and extremely unhappy. and anotha thing, i dont want to end up like a stereotype, i want to do want i want to wit my life. maybe i shud have taken those things into consideration before i married him, but i love him so much, so i juss didnt look at all those different factors.<br />
i juss wish they had a book that would tell me exactly what to do.