Day One and Counting.....

He left this morning. :( but!!! Instead of mopping and wallowing in self pity i spent the day with my best friend who is town for 10 days!!! We had lunch in this park with a beautiful lake. I uploaded pictures of that as well as Brandon's official marine pic(he looks pissed) sorry for the quality...its a picture of a picture lol. I just had so much fun and a relaxing time that it took my mind off his leaving.

Props to friends right!

XDD well be safe everyone

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5 Responses Mar 24, 2009

good for you! friends are the best lol...i miss my girl from back home :( kinda off topic...<br />
but yeah ya know itll be over before you know it...just keep busy. sunshine and fresh air are lovely for keeping positive too :) of course

jesse just left so i've been taking time for myself and not doing too much right now, but i'm thinking about getting a second job. even though i already have a full time job. i wanna keep busy while he's gone so the days will go by quick! lol.

lol so sleep huh?? lol and no we havnt done a deployment yet. he's just in training.

well that's awesome!!!! i didn't mope around or wallow in my sadness when my boyfriend left either!!! he went overseas though. It's a good feeling, not being sad all the time :) hahahah i did take a ton of naps when my marine first left though... for some ungodly reason!<br />
<br />
where'd he go??? is he deployed orr just back to base?

where's he stationed at?