I Made It Back Alive From...

VEGAS! lol. hey girlies. just wanted to say hi and that i'm finally back from Vegas. i had a blast!! it was crazyyy! only got about 15 hours of sleep from wednesday through yesterday. lol. but i'm still functioning. not well, but i am somehow here at work. lol.

moving on...i talked to jesse! yay! he finally called while i was on the trip. only got to talk to him for about 15 mins. the first day then half an hour the next day. but i'm a happy camper! he says he misses me and he can't wait to come back home and see me. ;D his internet is down right now so once again i'm a sitting duck. boo!

but yeah i missed you girls!


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aw...jesse's suppose to get back in oct. but hopefully our guys will be home a lot sooner! :crosses fingers!: ;D

thank you! ;)<br />
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and def. let me know if you girls go. i'll make some calls to my friends and you won't have to worry about anything! ;D<br />
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yeah it hasn't even been a full 2 weeks yeat since he left and i'm already getting ansty. lol.<br />
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but i have a feeling jesse's coming hom home in august instead of october. yay! ;D

aww lucky!! I wanted to go to vegas over valentines day with jesse but it ended up not working out :(<br />
I'm glad you had fun :) :) i'm a sitting duck too girl so I feel ya.

lol. exactlyyy. i'm beat right now though. my body hates me and needs rest. lol.

That's what im talking about go hard or go home & you def sound like you had fun =)

let's see...we had dinner everywhere! lol we got there wednesday night and ended up staying at the MGM Grand so we ate there that night at a very upscale italian restaurant (can't remember any names of places we did wayyyy too much sorry! lol) we also ate at the venitian (my spelling sucks!) twice which was gorgeous! let's see where else, oh! the luxor, anddd a bunch of random spots. all very good by the way.<br />
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it's great being a girl b/c i got us all v.i.p. everywhere we went. never had to wait in line for a club, or pay a cover charge, or anything!<br />
<br />
we ended up at "tao" my fav. club ever so far. we partied in v.i.p. on the roof top! then the next day we got invited to hang out with some guys who were jacked! at a club pool party called "wet republic" (everyone must go here!) partying in your bikinis and drinking and a pool? can't go wrong with that! lol.<br />
<br />
let's see where else. hm..we went to "pure" at caesar's palace (i've already been here before) too packed for my taste.<br />
<br />
and also we ended up at the "rio" another roof top. hanging out with the dj and the GM of the place. over looking vegas at night. loved it! <br />
<br />
and the last night (which was sunday night) at palms at playboy and moon which were attached. <br />
<br />
********so...if anyone is every in vegas, pleaseee let me know i will hook you up! no waiting in any lines for hours or a cover charge, and v.i.p. status all the way. ;D