The Wedding Update

ok so heres the update on the wedding.....yesterday went to meet up with one of the cake ladies n she will be doin mine n charles cake.  its a 3 tier n it feeds from 85 to 100 so which is good.....she's only doin it for $200 which i thought it was reasonable :).  2wks after i get bk from visiting charles ill be doin the last fitting of my dress :).  pretty much all the important things are done...the only thing(s) to do is to find a dress for my 2nd flower girl, a tux for my 2nd ring bearer, the dress fitting for the bride's maids, the center pieces, the boqutes(spelling? lol), few other things(the lil touch ups) :)

im posting my dress up here....i know i didnt look happy but that day was a looooooong *** day for me cuz had to get up real early to pic up one of my brides maid from the airport then had lunch then went to david's bridal n ect.

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oh ok that's a decent size wedding. awesome.<br />
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for my side alone, there's like 100 guests. lol. not sure about his size. we shall see. lol.<br />
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i'm not really sure if i want a big wedding or a small one now. still debating. all i really want is him! hehe.

Yeah... I think that my boyfriend David probably wants a normal wedding also! But there's no telling when the wedding will happen. Hopefully before he goes to Afganistan! But it doesn't really matter to me... as long as I have him I'm good :]

well the count theres a total of 115 guest but i know that not everyone would show up...<br />
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thats soo sweet of him

aw cute! how many guests are you having? and yeah i understand it's a litrtle bit of a pain to get everyone together.<br />
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yeah jesse says that the marine corps already takes up a lot of his life already (he's going on 9 years, he's a career guy) that he wants us (when its time) to get married like a normal couple and he'd rather be in his tux. which i thought was so sweet of him b/c he was thinking of me. ;D

lol.....yea i know right......the 2 main colors are red n gold (of course the marine corps color lol) then the other 2 are navy blue n white....he'll be wearing his dress blues n so will be his best man.<br />
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i wanted to have the sword arch since its gunna be a military theme but charles doesnt know if his buddies can do it cuz they would have to sign the leave papers or whtever then buy plane tickets if they r gunna fly n get a hotel....but im ok with not havin that

omg it's coming up. aw yay. can't wait to see pictures already! what color theme did you go with?<br />
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i looove weddings. hoping mine will be coming up some time next year. waiting on jesse to propose which he is, but it's a surpise. ;D

i know im sooo excited i just cant wait only 16 mre wks from this friday

thanks calalily!<br />
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the wedding is Friday, July 17th, 09

aw so excited for you! when is the date again?

ok...saw the dress...i love it! it is very elegant without being too over the top complex :) yeah you look pretty unhappy but who can blame you? lol just dress fitting alone can be a pain in the ***!

yay for the cake! :) are you posting the dress on your profile? hows the song search coming? im gonna see if i can come up with any ideas for ya and if you havent decided on one by easter (when ill be going to MI) i have a stack of wedding mags and a lot of em have song suggestions lol so i can see if anything looks good and let you know :)