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...loving this man of mine. :) Ok this is just so sweet and I wanted to share it (its a little bit gross and personal lol so if you're super sensitive dont read it) we've been married for a month and a half and STILL have not gone in to get my military id or put me on his health insurance. Ive brought it up a bunch of times but I dont want to be naggy about it cause I know when he gets out of work the last thing he wants to do is jump back in the car and go right back ya know? But it could be a problem if anything happened cause I have no health insurance right now.

Anyways so when I moved down here I switched my birth control prescription from my pharmacy back home to one here and when I got my refill this last month they gave me a different brand...thats the exact same thing just a different name blah blah blah. Anyways so I started taking it a week ago and on Saturday I started having some pain when I had to pee...yeah so I talked to my mom cause shes a nurse and shes like oh you have to go to the doctor and all this crap. Well I talked to Aaron and told him it was no big deal so we decided if it was still bad, or worse by like Tuesday we'd go in. Well on Sunday I realized its an f-ing yeast infection :( I know cuz I've gotten them before when I've been on antibiotics. Ugh!!! So I asked my mom what works best thats over-the-counter and she gave me a couple suggestions but they were all like $20 and we dont have a lot of $ left from his last check and we've got to be able to get food and gas and crap this week. Well my mom said she had one of the pills at home and would send it but it would of course take like 3 days to get here. Well last night I was in a LOT of pain and discomfort and Aaron tells me he'll be right back....he went to the pharmacy, and not only bought me stuff for it but went and asked the pharmacist what works best. Besides the fact that he spent like 1/2 of the money we have left on it. Ok for real my dad was married to my mom for 17 years and would never even buy her tampons!!!!! I thought it was so sweet that he did that! Then he told me to not tell his mom cuz he'd never hear the end of it cuz apparently he's always said he'd never buy anything like tampons even for his wife if he ever got married lmao...and I was like hmm so what changed your mind? and he tells me "honey I would do ANYTHING for you!!! I dont care what it is, if you ever need anything just tell me. I'll buy you tampons, pads, I dont care. And if we dont have money i dont care I'll find a way to get whatever it is you need!"

Anyways so I'm like more in love with him than ever cuz it was all so sweet and I was so shocked to see a man actually do that and I hadnt even asked him to. :) Anyways its very yucky but I just wanted to brag a bit about how sweet my hubby is :) :) lol

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AWH! haha thats so stankin cute. that truely does take a man whos in love with his woman to do that. :) i love how guys always say how gross stuff like that is.. and how they would never go buy anything like that for a girl.. but when it comes to the one they love its so different. thats adorable :) you've got a good guy:)

haha yeah the only problem is that now he thinks he can try to get me to go buy him a pack of cigarettes with DIMES lol...we've been low on cash this last wk so he decided he'd use the change for cigs but wanted me to go get em and when i didnt want to he brought this incident up hahah lmao

aww that is so sweet your a very lucky girl your husband sounds great!!!

Wow yogurt! That's a new 1 but that's so sweet. I love the way men always say they won't by those kinds of things bc all the ones that say they won't end up doing it.. I used to send josh for tampons all the time. =)

I know it sounds funny but you can use yogurt down below and it will take away the

ok... so this may sound dumb but... are you still eating the yogurt? ..... lol sorry this is cracking me up typing it, but i'm serious, do you still eat it? cause when i read yogurt, it does kinda seem like the same consistency as that cream stuff they give you in the tube...... <br />
<br />
or wait.... i may be thinking of something for a uti.... not a yeast infection....

Ok, thats a really sweet story.... but um... yogurt??? squadiwife... please elaborate, well not details, but seriously, yogurt??

that's so sweet! guys always say they won't do this or that, but when it really comes down to it, and if they really care about you, they'll do it! lol.

haha thanx guys...yeah they for definitely sure suck

Thats well sweet and next time remember plain whit yougurht works and much cheaper. x