It's Been a While...

Hey ladies! It's been a while since my last post! Well I think I posted right after the wedding (in October).  Married almost 6 months and he's been active duty for 4 of those 6.  He has been living in NC since January and Iraq since February.  I miss him so much.  It's weird how it works... I don't cry as much as I did originally.  I just focus on all the things that I want to do before he comes home...

I have a lot going on... it was really hard at first - he left on the 26th and I moved out of our apartment on the 28th. (It's really dumb - apparently because we both work and now we're married - we make to much to live there...) How much crap is that?  Not only was I coping with living without my husband by my side, but also trying to cope with a strange new home... not that I'm not thankful that we have it...  Went from a 1 bdrm apartment to a 2 bedroom house with a huge yard and rec room (landlord is including the pool table - can't beat that!!!)  But it's almost unfair that we have all this fun stuff that we could be doing together... if he weren't on another continent...

Newlyweddedness is supposed to be the best part of a marriage... but right now it's the hardest because I don't know what it feels like.  He still gives me butterflies in my tummy when I hear his voice... but slowly over time... I feel like I'm forgetting his touch...


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Congrats on your marriage but things will be ok and I knoe josh is only at boot but I did the same thing while he was/is gone I focus on the stuff I need to get done b4 he comes home

congrats love!<br />
<br />
and aw...i'm sorry to hear you're going through all this. i honestly am going through my first deployment with jesse right now. he just left almost two weeks ago for 6 months and i miss him everyday.<br />
<br />
our whole relationship has been long distance, i live in CT and he's stationed in cali. it's really hard being away from him, but i know that everyday that passes by only beings me closer to the day we get to be with each other again.<br />
<br />
it's a wonderful thing he gives you butterflies! same here for me! hehe.<br />
<br />
and it's ok to forget his touch. it's something you can't control, but just always try to remember and when the day comes when you see him again, it's gonna be one of the greatest feelings and everything will all come back to you.<br />
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i'm here if you need to talk! ;)

:( im sorry...that does suck. i hate that part when you start forgetting the way it feels to have em hold you :( im sure when he gets back tho you guys will get right into that newlywedness and have a fabulous time :)