Jumping Up and Down Excited

so josh called me while i was at school today and he never ever does that. i didnt answer cause i didnt see it but then i got a text from him saying that he was sorry and he forgot i was still in school lol. he was so excited to tell me who else will be living at the same base as us. there were two guys in his same plt in boot and the three of them had been together in mct and other training until they recently got separated when they went into their more specialized area. today he found out that the three of them have all been assigned the same base!!!! each of these guys so's (fiancee and girlfriend) are pretty cool chicks although they have yet to discover ep. ive really gotten to know them since our Marines were always together and now one day were all going to be living in NC really really close to one another!!! i just had to share my excitement with you ladies... i now have some road trip buddies, if anyone else here wants to tag along, you are more than welcome =]

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4 Responses Mar 24, 2009

Im glad you will have some company... and a road trip with the girls sounds so much fun even though im a plane type of girl.. We leave to go get josh today and idk how this road trip is gonna work out w/ his mom

thats awesome!!!

oh yay!!! i cant not wait for summer!!!! we can have so many trips and things =]

Aww exciting it is great to know people here