Movie Anyone?

well I would like to inform you all that i'm sitting here watching that 70's show and tonight at 8 there's a movie called "The Marine" on! I'll miss it becasue I have to work, but i think it would be interesting to watch, so I thought I'd share.

along with that- if you are ever feeling like a very carblicious snack that is probably making my butt bigger by the second you should try garlic triscuits with pepperjack cheese!! yummm!! :)

Vanessie Vanessie
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4 Responses Mar 24, 2009

oh that movie sucks!! its s corny and like bad acting haha

yeah its an ok movie...<br />
<br />
it really has nothing to do with the marines at all other that the fact he is an ex marine

yes I was thinking it would end up be something like that.. <br />
and I LOVE THOSE WHEAT THINS! I actually have a thing for crackers, and cheese I love cheese so much. annnd I have eaten the majority of this box in one sitting and now its just like forming a brick of cheese/cracker in my tum tum.

i might watch it...john cena is aarons fav so maybe hed watch it w/me.<br />
i love sun dried tomato wheat thins! i used to go on all day canoeing trips w/my exes family and we always had like 5 boxes of those haha...they arent so good when they get really wet tho lol