This Is Soo Not Right....a Lil Worry

ok so today after i got off of work i called charles(like i always do whn i get off)....he told me that he has bad news to tell me.  i was like ok wht is the bad news.  he told me that he wont get promoted to cpl until august or until he gets bk to the marine corps weight limit and that if he doesnt reach the weight requirment he MIGHT get discharge which i dont understand at all cuz he is all muscle but he has a lil bit of a tummy cuz all the beer that he drinks.  the marine corps is his career n he loves it.  they r putting him on a 1 meal a day diet....i dnt like that idea especially whn he pt in the mornin, work out for an hour to an hour in a half after he gets off work....last week he nearly passed out cuz he didnt drink alot of water n didnt have any food in his system. 

i just wish that i was down there cuz i would wake up whn he does n fix him like a smoothie for breakfast then make him a meal for dinner.

is there anything that i can do to help him or wht

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thanks! everyone that i know is tryin to loooooossssse the weight that they need to loose b4 july 17th, '09 (mine n charles wedding) n im just tryin not to gain too much cuz i dont want to take the chance of not fitting in my dress cuz its a size 4 n i have the last fitting on the 15th of april.<br />
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the way i am (small/pette...spelling) runs in my family....but ive been gaining n loosing weight on n off like crazy so i decided to go on a healthy diet(start eatin right n just gettin into shape)

yea i know i saw that online yesterday on maybe him n i can compete who would be 1st at him losing or me gaining idk if that would wrk

ok thanks...<br />
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i dont nag bout it to him....he just tells me that hes at the gym or just got bk from the gym so i just ask him how did it go n he always says it went good so. i know that he can do it but its just the fact of he being on one meal a day n then workin out without any food all day long until he gets to his rm which is at 8pm that he gets bk to his rm which worries me

98 lbs?!? yeah i dont think you should lose weight lol...hmm yeah one of aarons friends got put on a diet like that and they made him do a second pt during their lunch period besides!! i think its horrible they do that! yeah idk what you could do to sorry :( id be pissed too

lol i dont think that i want to lose any weight i weigh 98 lbs

Tell him to drink lots and lots of water. Maybe try a colon flush that will bring his weight down faster.x