What Do You Ep Ladies Think?

OK. So my husband will be leaving April Mayish for Afghanistan for 7 months. We have a 3bd 2bt house I am not excited about being home alone I get very paranoid at night lol. Do you ladies think I should rent out one of the rooms or suck it up and stay alone? This is our 2ND deployment together but this is my first living by myself.

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8 Responses Mar 24, 2009

i think renting out a room might be a good idea. i mean you just have to let the person know its just for while hes deployed. you could post on lejeuneyardsales that you just want a temporary female roommate...you could probably find another marine wife even whose hubby is deployed also. it would give you company for one and let you save up some money for two. and its not like you have to accept the first person who shows interest- you can interview ppl or whatever so you find someone you actually like and get along with.

I totally know what you mean. and I personally hope to have a friend live with me while my husband is away in afghanistan as well. I wouldnt want to rent out to like a stranger but maybe a friend of yours or someone you can trust

haha I dont live on base we have a house in Hubert

haha I dont live on base we have a house in Hubert

haha thats the thing it would be temp living I think I will just live alone we have an alarm so I think I will be safe.

i wouldnt want wierd people i didnt know in my house.. that would just make me more paranoid haha

girl im in the same thing but my hubby deploys in sept and that is goin to suck..and we have a two bdrm house and i wanted to rent a rm for a friend out till he comes back bcuz idnt want to go back hm

maybe just for his deployment, but what about when he comes home? are you going to just kick them out? maybe a friend or something would be cool to stay with you. I just know my parents right now have rented 2 of their 4 bedroom house out, as a tempary thing but its been about 2 years in sept and they are still there, my parents are fed up.<br />
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just make sure you have a set plan as to when they are to leave and what not bc im sure your going to want to be ALONEEEE with ur hubby when he comes back home