Taking Chance

I hadn't heard about Taking Chance until someone posted about it on here.
I searched my tv guide to see when it would be coming on so I could record it.
I found that it had just come on so I decided I'd miss the first ten minutes and watch it live. The credits are rolling and my eyes are still filled with tears.

I thought it was sweet that he wouldn't stay in the hotel because he didn't want to leave Chance alone. I wanted to ***** slap the security guy at the airport. The scene at the grave yard, with the guns firing, the flags being folded, and the Marines handing the flags to his parents choked me up the most. It was too easy to put yourself into that scene.

My boyfriend had the same job in Iraq as Chance (and if not the exact one, one very similar). I'm glad I didn't watch it while he was deployed. :(

It was a great movie despite how heart wrenching it is. I definitely suggest you watch it...if you're man isn't currently deployed.

[Someone mentioned it being OnDemand, if you don't have OnDemand, check out your HBO channels, thats where I found it.]

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1 Response Mar 25, 2009

helloo there! I loved that movie! i cried watching it one night! its really good.