The Bet Is On

ok so last night i ran 2 laps n walked 1 around the complex....i ran without stopin which i was shocked cuz normally i would run 1/2 way then walk the rest lol.....its been since my freshman yr of h.s that i have bn in shape.  but any ways after i did 3 laps n strecht last night i talked to charles.....i told him that we should compete to c who can reach their weight requriment him loosing n me gaining. he was like ok we have til the day b4 our wedding to do it so i was like ok its on.  if he wins i would have to try seafood, mexican food, n chineese food....which i dont like at all (im very picky about my food).  if i win i get a dinner n a movie n a full body message :).....he told me that i need to gain 7lbs yea i know it may seem easy to do but for me its not i could eat 20lb of food n not gain a thing.  so by the wedding i need to weigh 105 to 107 which i weigh right now is 98 n he needs to weigh 235(he is all muscle). 

is there ways for me to gain 7lbs in a healthy way?

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lol ok thanks ladies....i really hope that i win the bet but if i dont then at least i did it to support my soon to be hubby :) lol....he told me that i had no chance n i was like i bet i do lol

thank u so much i am gunna push myself with this cuz a dinner n a movie sounds really good but the full body message sounds extreamly good cuz its been a month since the last time he gave me one n ive just been under alot of stress n whn charles does it he puts me to sleep lol<br />
<br />
thanks again for ur advices ladies

ok thanks

Go to GNC and ask them what you can buy to gain weight.x