So the hubby and I will be leaving for Boston this Friday and after that will be going to New York does anyone know of some must see spots while we are up there including any border states. I know New York is filled with fun stuff but what about Mass.?



Thanks Ladies

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Bob and I were in NYC right before xmas. We went to see the Christmas Spectacular Show (or something like that) which I know you can't do now, but not my point. He went in full uniform and I got dressed up and we did that then walked around the streets a bit walked through Central Park then we went up to the Empire State Building's observatory on the 82nd floor. In uniform, military gets in for free, so it'll save ya some cash, but if you go up at night the view is absolutely amazing!!! All the lights and everything, it was fantastic!!! And you can go up until like 1:30AM i think it was....<br />
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As far as Mass goes, I'm pretty sure that's where Cheers is. My parents have been and they said it was alot of fun to see the bar the show was shot at! Otherwise I had an awesome time in Salem a few times when I was a bit younger.... I think the last time i was there I was like 19/20ish....

what are you guys planning on doing in NYC?