Im Moving to Nc and Im Scared!!!!

So the hubby just informed me that he is going to be stationed in NC and that is so far from where our home town is.. Like i am excited to see knew things but bi am scared to be away from my family and friends.. but i love him so much and he is my husband so i do have 2 grow up sometime but i didnt think it will be this soon.. well we are finally going to have our lives really together so i should be excited right?? ugh this is to hard ... someone give me advise...

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5 Responses Mar 25, 2009

moving away from your family is gonna be a big move for you considering you're all so close, but everything will be fine. like the girls said, you can drive there! wish i could say that about myself grrr! lol.<br />
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def. stay in touch as much as possible and they are only a phone call away!<br />
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it's time for husband and wife time! :)

thanks everyone for ur word of advise and yeah he will be stationed in camp Camp Lejeune so hopefully i will be seeing you guys in person!!!!

yea i just mvd here about a mnth ago from Tx to be with my husband away from everythign and it really isnt that bad nothing like you will thnk i just suggest once you get here stay busy get a job or it WILL suck..

Is he going to be stationed at Camp Lejeune? Thats where my hubby and I are...I just moved here from MI in January and we got married shortly after. Ive always been really close to my family too so it was a big change coming all the way down here but its not so bad cuz I talk to my mom and sister almost everyday and they send me pics of my niece and younger siblings on my phone. And whenever Aaron has a long wknd (like he has coming for Easter) we try to make it home to see everyone. Its a big change but you get used to it.

yeah im serious i have never been away from my family my whole entire life!!!!!