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I met Blake seven years ago when he was a senior in high school and I was a sophomore.. We actually met at our church. He joined the Marines after a few years of college and we kept in touch throughout his time at Parris Island and lost touch about a year after that when he was going to school for his MOS.

About a year ago, I ran into him and re-exchanged information. He was married then but was soon going through a divorce. His now ex-wife had told him she didnt love him anymore about a week before he deployed. All throughout his deployment, we were there for each other. He needed someone to talk to about everything going on with him, and I was going through a particularly rough break-up with an abusive boyfriend. Everytime one of us needed the other, we made ourselves available.

I never thought we would be anything more than friends but when he came back from his deployment, I went to meet him on parade deck because he didn't have any family that was going to meet him because they all lived too far away. We spent a few amazing weeks together and unfortunately, I ended up having to move back to our home town while he is living on the other side of the country.

It wasn't until I was back home that we admitted our feelings for each other, and while we don't share an official title, I know what I mean to him and he knows what he means to me (although I have to admit that I do have some insecurities about timing etc). He will be back home by the end of the year but until then we have agreed to exchange visits... he is going to come home one month, and the next time, I will go out to see him and vice versa.

I never realized how perfect Blake was for me until now. I cannot wait to have him back home... I know that this doesn't "officially" make me a Marine wife, fiance, or girlfriend... but I think I come pretty close. And I do need people to talk to that can relate... because none of my friends understand why I am willing to wait for almost a year for this man.

Anyway, nice to meet you Ladies!

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who cares if its "official" guys are a clearly some kind of a couple! welcome to the group :) im hadassah

aw...let us know when it's official! but welcome! and none of my friends really understand my relationship with jesse also, so we're in the same boat! please feel free to message me anytime i'd love to talk with you! ;D<br />
<br />

good to have you girl! im sure you will be official at some point in time... so therefore... you fit right in...

aww, im sure you two will become 'offical' before you know it! welcome to the site! im Tara =]

welcome to the site girlfriend! XOX<br />
-hollie :]