Half My Heart Is In Iraq!!

I couldnt believe it when my Marine told me. He said that he was being sent to Iraq and i just didnt know how to react. I love him so much and I just didnt want it to happen. But before i knew it the beginning of march was here and he had to leave. Now hes there in Iraq and i just want him here with me. I know that hes serving our country, but i didnt realize how hard it would be until now. Before he was in NC and i could go and see him every other weekend and talk to him everynight. Now i get a phone call once a week if i'm lucky and thats it. I miss him so much and i dont know what to do to keep myself busy until he comes home! What can i do??

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4 Responses Mar 26, 2009

I found out in Jan. that my airman leaves for Iraq in September and I myself am already having a hard time already....he will be gone in July for a month for combat training as well.....I don't know what I'll do without him...we are new to the area and just got married last October...I don't have many friends here, so I will be lonely....how are you coping?

When my husband left for Iraq, time flew by. I never turned down offers to see friends, go places etc... I even offered to help with crap like laundry and yard work. I spent a lot of time working, mowing my huge yard, flew back home for a month and saw friends and family, had family come here for a month, read, watched movies, explored the state I now live in (where he is stationed) met and made new friends, etc...<br />
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find some hobbies and stay busy. look at it this way. you had a life before him, so you still have a life to maintain. the only major difference might or should be, that you don't date. you still have friends, go to the beach, shop, etc... <br />
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it will go by. I sent my husband a package every single Monday. I took time to pick things out, pack the box, write love notes all over it, etc... the weeks flew by, every time it was Monday again and time to mail a new one. <br />
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Good luck :)

aw...i'm sorry love. i know it's hard, but like the girls say, you should find something to focus on.<br />
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i'm also trying to keep my mind occupied. i work full time right now, and starting next week i'm picking up a part time also just to keep me busy and of course save! cuz once jesse gets back, i'm sure i'll be moving from CT to CA, so saving is also good! lol.<br />
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i also started working out, nothing too crazy, but just walking/hiking at the park or the neighborhood with my ipod. it really helps.<br />
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what do you like to do?

Join a gym and take a class. Work, School. Anything to take your mind off things.