For Troops in Iraq, Shower May be Fatal
(, March 26, 2009)
The U.S. military is racing to inspect more than 90,000 U.S.-run facilities across Iraq to reduce a deadly threat troops face far off the battlefield: electrocution or shock while showering or using appliances. About one-third of the inspections so far have turned up major electrical problems, according to interviews and an internal military document. Half of the problems they found have since been fixed, but about 65,000 facilities still need to be inspected, which could take the rest of this year. Senior Pentagon officials were on Capitol Hill this week for briefings on the findings. Last year, 94 troops stationed in Iraq, Afghanistan or other Central Command countries sought medical treatment for electric shock, according to Defense Department health data.

~I posted about this a few months ago, but I just saw an update and wanted to let you guys know the real reason our men don't shower concistently in Iraq and Afg. It's not only because they have better things to do. There is something seriously wrong with this ocntinuing. My post before noted that the SAME contractor that did the facilities had been awarded ANOTHER contract just this year for similar work.

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5 Responses Mar 26, 2009

wow finally they are at least TALKING about fixing it...geeze this is crazy! i cant believe that our boys have to be afraid of showers now!! its ridiculous!!

so where my husband is going in a few weeks, they dont even have showers and now after seeing this, im kinda glad he will just be using babywipes to clean himself. geeze... like as if the people over there dont have enough to worry about

geez...that's a rediculiously long time.

I can't believe they're taking their good ole time fixing this problem...... its ridiculous we expect them to fight but can't provide them with a safe shower!

wow...i had no clue about this until now.