Finally After a Month

Well finally some good news... I just got my first letter in the mail from Iraq... I was so excited, I read it and tears started to run down my face. I was so happy to know he was ok and where he was at... I really miss him but i know that now hes just that much closer to coming home..... I miss my marine so much and i cant wait til the day when his plane lands and i'm right there to be one of the first to see him home!!! Keep praying for our troops and we all know that no woman is strong than the WOMAN that stands strong and supports her MARINE!!! OOOORAH

USMCLady22 USMCLady22
3 Responses Mar 26, 2009

aww this is happy!!! so glad you got to hear from him =)

OOOORAH!!<br />
that's soo exciting you heard from him!! :)

OOOORAH!!!<br />
<br />
so happy for you. stay strong love. how much longer does he have?