New Pics of My Marine!!! ^.^

WOW this just made my week. I was talking with my boyfriends father. And he sent me pictures that Brandon(boyfriend) was in. These were taken yesterday during the training thing there in. Taken with someones phone and im really happy because they're awesome. ONe is him with his gun!!! ^.^ haha i love it. I'm always begging him for pics of him in uniform and i finally got some recent ones. yey. there in my pics under the folder brandon.

If any of you ladies have pic up of your man in uni can i see? It makes me serisously proud when i see someone in uniform.

anyway sorry for the ramble but i was so happy. and im addicted to this place so i thought i'd share.

Be safe and God Bless

DollfaceLOVESBlueJ DollfaceLOVESBlueJ
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3 Responses Mar 26, 2009

aw so cute! i have a bunch more to add of jesse just need to time too! i'm usually here at work when i'm on EP. lol.

awww im happy that you got some pics hun! that always makes my day too!

yay!!! pics are the best when you're far away! i have a ton on my phone of aaron in camis lol...hahaha aaron sent me a pic once of JUST his gun lol...he says under it "this is mine" haha it was so cute