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ok so the wrk outs r wrking....i could bearly walk today cuz my legs hurt lol.  ive been eatin healthy mre then i normally do which is good cuz i really want to wrk on that lol.

my 2yr niece was "wrkin out" with me cuz she copies whtever sum1 that is around her is doin lol.  she got on top of me whn i was doin my push ups. did sum curls with the liter of milk lol ran up n down stairs 10 times....but im mostly feelin it pain tonight lol.  i think i got charles on this one lol....hopefully.  i got plenty of time 16wks to get up to 7lbs=105/107ish.

thanks for all the advice ladies it really does help alot

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its ok....i normally would wrk out for like a day or two then stop n im really hopin that i wont cuz i get distracted very easily with things

where r u from?

my sister n i will start workin out together tomorrow cuz shes tryin to loose weight b4 the wedding cuz she wants to look good in her dress so that will help me too cuz ill have sum1 to push me evn harder evn thou i push myself hard enough lol

i made up a new work out.....i would sit on the floor with my legs stretched out n hve my 2yr niece sit in front of me and do the row row row your boat(the kids song) n it wrks for i wrk out with the dumbells n the ankle weights n i told charles that he said that is cute. today both of my 2yr old niece n my 1yr old nephew was helpin me lol<br />
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i weighed myself today n i have gained 2lbs so i went from 98 to 100 lol OOOOOOORRRAAAAAAAHH<br />
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im on fire haha

haha sounds painful thinking of joining a class on base and actually trying to get in thin but soooo outa shape haha...yeah i can see how it would work if either of you win and its fabulous motivation! have fun :)

even if i dont win its ok....cuz i know that charles really wants me to try mexican, sea, n chineese food n i did it to show him i support him n i know that he would do the same thing for me for any reason. love him n love the new life im livin now lol <br />
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