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I have been getting spoiled by my guy since Tuesday with a gift every night till Sunday.  This is the best one I have had in Ten Years!  I can not believe I am 34...You wouldnt know it thou.  Just last night to mess with my assistant who is addicted to Candy and gave it up for lent I hung candy peeps from her ceiling that all said either eat me, Yum, Miss You and Plz on them.  Funny as all H**l this morning.

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3 Responses Mar 27, 2009

Ha ha. I love good joke.

Well she cant be pi**ed at me, i am her boss. Plus I have saved her butt a time or two.

Not my intern but my assistant. She was laughing her butt off this morning. She almost smoked her head walking into her office with the peep that said eat me on it. Should have said hit me instead i guess.