Advice Please =(

I have written my story in here before. Now i need some advice. On wednesday my boyfriend moved from fortknox to 29palms califoria, im alllll the way in new york. Im quite young but i love my boyfriend more then anything. I started dating him after he had already been in the marines for over a year, i missed the bootcamp stage. When he was in fortknox it was easier to talk to because he would always just sneak his phone and text me throughout the day while i was in school. Now its a 3 hour time difference and its so much harder to keep intouch and its only the first week and i cant stop crying and its hitting me very hard. I cant fall asleep at night without hearing his voice and so its been very hard getting my 8 hours haha. Anyways, im just looking for some people to talk to that understand where im comming from and can help me.. pleasee. =( how do i get through this? and how do i prepare myself for his deployment in september?

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I know how you feel my marine and i were doing the long distance thing to he was in NC and im here in NY and we would txt from the moment we would wake up untill we fell asleep. For his deployment you gotta surround youre self with a lot of friends and family and keep ur self busy. My marines deployment is for 13 months. And its only been two months. You just got to be strong and be there for ur man. I cried a lot too when he first told me he was leaving and i still do. sometimes you need to let a good cry out. Just try to be strong.

stay positive!! always, always, always!<br><br />
jesse is currently training a TON for deployment and it's so hard for me to keep in touch..i'm in iowa, he's stationed at camp pendleton..but right now he's at mojave viper, next month he's on a meu, then two weeks hes back at pendleton then back to the meu and so on until he leaves and deploys for 7 months. it sucks.<br><br />
the thing that keeps me going is looking back at when we were together and remembering why I'm really in this relationship- because I love him. point blank. I'm young (a fresh 18 :) and I realize people think all odds are against me, but i know deep down that this is all worth it. I'll admit I cry, but i've found the more I doubt things as they get harder, the more I distance from the one person I DO NOT want to get any more distant from. So keep yourself busy ( I work out all the time and I have work and school) and keep your girlfriends close. KEEP YOUR HEAD UP!! someday you'll get all of him back close to you, and it'll be weird how fast you forget all of this pain you see as such a huge deal now. I know it's easier said than done, but you can do ittt!<br><br />
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good luck! if you ever need someone to talk to I'm here- my name is vanessa :)

ps. I'm pretty young as well... Seventeen!!!! I'm a senior this year :) Can't wait to graduate!

HEY! I'm Paige too :) :) , I also started dating my marine while he was already a year or so into the corps, & I don't think you're a fake lol. <br />
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CHEER UP!!!!! aahh I didn't sleep when my boyfriend first left for Iraq!!! I only took naps for some reason, I hated that lol! I just couldn't ever sleep all the way through the night. It's gotten better but I still usually wake up a few times for a few minutes each... anywhoo it's only natural to be sad but don't sulk around! It wont make anything any better. 3 hours isn't that bad... just think of it as a way to get used to the time difference for when he's deployed.. My boyfriend is in Iraq, I'm in Iowa.... there is an EIGHT our time difference. It blows! I'm used to it though, because I know things could be worse.. but they aren't.<br />
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I agree with everything the other Paige said!!! hahah I actually have a couple videos on my phone of my marine that i watch almost every night. I miss him soo much!!!!!!! I feel your pain! If you ever need to talk just message me :)

lol hadassah. dont stress it- theres been a lot of crap going on around here lately w/ppl having fake accounts and stuff. your account is set to private hun so nobody can see anything but the little pic that shows up on your story. you can change it in your settings so its viewable or you can add ppl as friends. msg me if you wanna :)

hey love. i actually live in CT and jesse is stationed at pendleton in CA. we also have the 3 hour difference and it sucks! he's actually deployed to iraq right now so it's even worse with the communication.<br />
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but when he was home, he would normally get out maybe 4 pm at the lastest most of the time, his time and would call me around 7 pm dinner time for him and it would be 10 pm our time. <br />
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i spoke to him everyday for the most part, whether it was a text or a phone call. some days i wouldn't hear from him b/c he was tired and just passed out. lol.<br />
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depending on the sched. you can make it work! it seems really hard at first, but trust me you'll get used to it. just think positive and look forward to hearing from him!