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Hi, my name is Nikki and I'm 21 from Kansas City. My marine, Adam, is infantry and part of unit 3/4 stationed in twentynine palms, CA and we are preparing for his second deployment in August.

We have been together for a year and a half, just got married and are expecting baby #1 in september which he will unfortunately not be here for. We are both still very excited though!

Its great to have things like this to share everything with other girls who are in the same place I am.

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aw...congrats on everything! best of luck. <br />
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i live in CT an my marine jesse is stationed at pendlton in CA. def. message me if you need anything love!<br />
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oh my name's baby by the way :)

awww!! congrats!! welcome to the group :)<br />
my marine is stationed in camp pendleton.

Thanks again to all you girls for the welcomes and congratulations. And yes, amazing already seems to be an understatement.<br />
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The same goes out to all of you who offered an ear to listen if I need to talk... I joined to do the same for you. And one more thing to help me through a second deployment couldn't hurt either lol

awww babies :) that's soo awesome!!!! congratulations on everything!!! <br />
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I'm Paige and my boyfriend is in Iraq right now... leaving to go back to Lejeune anyyyy day now :D

A week ago =) The hospital I wanted to have the baby at dropped my insurance, but they accept TriCare so I took full advantage of it. The extra money for being married isn't a bad bonus either. He def doesn't mind lol I just can't wait to have our big wedding!

hey im hollie :] and my marine is stationed at Camp Pendleton in CA. congrats on the baby :] if you ever need to talk just message me!<br />
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well thanks for the intros lol <br />
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and congrats on the baby news jessie! I see we will both be having our minis without or boys by our sides =/

hi im jessie! im with my marine at MCAS Yuma! & he is deploying in sept & im preggo with our 1st baby who is due in Nov!<br />
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feel free to message me anytime