THe Waiting List...

Hey does anyone know how long the waiting list for married couples to live on base??? He is going to be stationed in camp lejeune???? Because we are planning to live off base but if we could live on base the would be perfect.. so then we can save money to buy a house...

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actually you could save more money living off base if you get an apartment that is less than your BAH.

ok thanks guys so much!!! U r such a big help!!! we are gonna get on the list after he comes back because he needs the marriage license and i have it.... so after easter i guess we will be waiting... ANd im gonna think im gonna wait till we get a house on base to move with him... it seems like the most senseable thing to do.. at keast we can save money..

We were told 9-12 months for Terrawa Terrace, however we have been on the list for approx 3 months and have moved from 588 to 73, so the time fr<x>ame they tell you is a worst case scenario.

ooh haha sorry!! she's OoOoOoRah lol I'm not sure how many Os and stuff are in her username but its the really long oooooooorah one!!!

hey thanx and i know im gonna sound pretty stupid but who is kali??

alll i know is the waiting list for camp pendleton is a pretty long time too =/ yeah maybe ask kali shell prob know love :]

I think Kali knows...<br />
maybe like 8 months??? I know it's pretty long