The Bs Things People Are Telling Me!

  OK so im officially loosing my mind. I love Brandon more than anyone in this corporial world. And today at work, after having not heard form him in days, my co-worker says. "Oh you're dating a military guy?" I say yes and she replies by yelling. " THEY CHEAT" she says "break up with him now, he's only going to cheat on you, its what military guys do. 9 out of 10 guys cheat. " I said well i have the diffrence then, because brandon would never cheat. She then told me that she dated 2 military guys and they both cheated. And a discussion ensued that focus completely on how brandon is probably cheating on me now thats why he hasnt called. And that he's getting the best of both worlds.

    What sucks worse is that i've had military guys tell me that he'll cheat when he deploys because girls cheat when they deploy. I said i would never do that to him. And i was told (from military guys) that all military girlfriends are cheating ******. I just can't believe that, i know most of them do but they F* it up for the rest of us. And im so worried that Brandon will leave and one of his "buddies" will put the idea in his head that im cheating, and he'll cheat or break it off. I dont a worry wart i know that but im mentally going crazy.

plz help i dont know what to do


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Thank you girls so much. I try not to let this stuff get to me but its harder some days. Thank you. I love this site, im glad to meet you guys, ppl who understand. lol because i explained this to another friend who just said... to suck it up because i knew he was military so it shouldnt bother me. thank you. ^.^

I hear the bs all the time, along with "military relationships never work". bottom line is that you know YOUR MAN better than anyone else.. the fact he is a marine changes some things, but it doesn't change the man you know him as. <br />
<br />
he loves you! don't be worried when you haven't heard from him, he's a busy guy!