Holding On

Hi, my name is Kristen and i'm the girlfriend of a soon to be marine. He leaves in a couple of months and it's already starting to get hard for me. We have been dating for two years and for those two amazing years i have talked to him every day and for the most part I have almost seen him everyday too! But even though his boot camp date is kinda far off, I can't help but feel worried and scared. I mean some nights i just cry myself to sleep and he hasn't even left yet. So i'm just wondering if i'm like this now....how am i going to react when he really leaves. And i can't even think that far ahead because i'm too scared, i just get myself worked up. so I'm really hoping this website will be able to help me!!

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welcome to the group! :]

girl you just gotta stay calm and positive.. if your crying youself to sleep now there's no hope for august. <br />
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he doing it for a better future and he'll be one of the few and the proud! just be realyl supportive and dont mope! it'll just make it harder for him.

Just hang in there and support your guy. I know exactly how you feel. My marine is deployed for 13 months, and i get scarred and worry about him all the time. and then there are those nights where i just cry and cry. In the end everything will be fine and you'll be together soon.

sorry my computer is being really retarted right now. Just enjoy the time with him you have right now and try not to think of bootcamp yet. dont let it ruin your time with him now...<br />
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im here if you ever need me!<br />
Im Tara btw, and welcome to the group!!!

hi!! welcome to the group =] im allie<BR><BR>you have nothing to worry about with boot camp. my Marine went about a year ago and i thought it was hard at first, but yes, it is like boot camp for you too. the letters will be what you hold on to and truthfully, mine still sit in my night stand and i have another that is always in my wallet. the mail man will become your favorite person and sundays (maybe even saturdays now) will be your least favorite day. <BR><BR>distance most definitely does make the heart grow fonder. being the so of anyone in the military will teach you great patience and you will learn many things.<BR><BR>if you need anyone to talk to message me =]

Thank you again!!

no problem! thats what we are here rfor.... we all know exactly what you are going through!!

he leaves august 1oth!

well thank you so much for talking to me it really makes me feel a lot better.

dont worry! he will be fine in bootcamp!!

he wants to go into firefighting but right now his mos is aerail mechanics and he leaving august 10th to san diego california.

bootcamp is a breeze compared to the deployments and random crap he will have to do. It will be like bootcamp for you too, getting you ready for crazy road ahead. Just remember distance only makes the heart grow fonder....<br />
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when does ur bf go to boot?

thank you.... you too!!! i remember when i though bootcamp was going to be the hardest thing and i cried alot before he left... but it flew by! now he has been in for over a year.... and i cant belive it!!!<br />
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what does he want to do? when is he going to boot and where?

well thank you. And i hope the time goes by fast for you so you can see your boyfriend very soon. Stay strong!!!

first off welcome to the site! im janel!<br />
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and hes only going to bootcamp! yeah im sure now it seems like the end of the world... but its far from it!! its only 3 months! it goes by fast... and you can write him!!!<br />
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i know that there is a forum post for new girls that are going through or getting ready for boot.. look at that it will help you with this site! <br />
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feel free to message me anytime... im getting ready to go through my first deployment... with my boyfriend of 5 years and my dad also...