Big, Big News After a Long Hiatus...

Oh my gosh it has been so long since I've posted on here! Life just got really, REALLY crazy for awhile. The good news is my man came back from his deployment in Iraq, we had an amazing time together on his post employment leave and I am now....DUN DUN DUN...engaged! And we're planning our wedding for July 4th weekend. It's really stressful and anyone who's been through getting a wedding together PLEASE give me any advice or tips you might have. He's back at Lejeune now and I'm missing him like crazy but I know I'll be his forever soon enough (I know, I'm getting a little cheesy here haha). I promise to be around a lot more now! You girls are so supportive and just GET IT. So thanks!


Okay, so I lied, guess I haven't been around AT ALL like I said I would! We actually decided to move the date to September 5th. So far I have so much done and his leave is approved so I'm breathing a big sigh of relief. His brother is in 29 Palms currently but will also be able to come home for the wedding so it's going to be great. And right after the wedding....we'll be packing up a uhaul and headed right back down to Jacksonville where I'll now be LIVING! Woo-hoo!

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1 Response Mar 27, 2009

congratulations!!!!! im really happy for you =] good luck with the wedding plans, sorry i cant help. ill be the one asking you for the advice before too long. my man will be in nc too!! just not lejeune