Haven't Been On In Forever

Wow so I just realized how long its been since I posted anything!  Soccer has taken over my life once again!  I did something to my wrist.  They thought it was a fracture but the x-ray didnt show anything so now i'm going for an MRI!  I also pulled my hipflexer and messed up my knees some more.  Yay for sports!  haha  But its 6 days until Michael comes home now and its rough!  I'm anticipating him being here and EXTREMELY excited but a lot of people have told me how their guys have changed and I got to admit I'm afraid he wont be the Michael I fell in love with.  I'm hoping he still is!  In his letters it still sounds and feels like him but still.  I dont know!

Any advice for me through this last week before he is home from boot???

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1 Response Mar 28, 2009

aww you're so lucky you get to see him so soon!!! enjoy it and soak it all in!!<br />
<br />
and like diana said he'll probably be different, but in a good way. I met Jesse after he had already been in for a year, but If i had known him in hs I probably wouldn't have liked him to tell you the truth.