Missing Him

Ive known my marine since I was 6 years old. He told me I sounded like a boy. He's actually my best friends cousin, which is how we met. He was at Camp Johnson in North Carolina going to his MOS school, and he came home one weekend and one thing led to another and we just clicked. we became boyfriend and girlfriend, and I was so happy. we started talking about spending forever together, just casually talking about it at first, but then we got to be serious, He was waiting to see where his permanent duty station was going to be, and if he go to stay in North Carolina I was gonna go be with him, and go to schoool up there. but Then I got the bad news, He was being stationed in Okinawa. and he wasn't coming home for 5 months. I was so scared. I didnt know if i was gonna be able to talk to him or anything, I didnt know if i could handle not being able see him for that long. Becasue even with him in North Carolina, and me in Alabama, I still saw him at least once a month... So he came home for 21 days before he left, we spent every waking minute together, and even some not awake. haha and about 5 days before he left he took me to the nicest restraunt, got down on one knee and said "will you marry me" and i said yes! and everyone started clapping, it was the most amazing moment of my life. I was sooo happy. but Im 18, I didnt get any support from anyone on this. everyone thought I was throwing my life away for some boy. but Im not. I don't feel that I am at all. Its my my life, and I can't wait to spend it with him. Im going to stay with him this summer in Okinawa, and then when he comes home for good, were going to get married. JUNE BRIDE 2011. Im so excited! I miss him so much. It really sucks to go from seeing him everyday, to just hearing his voice on the phone at odd hours of the night...

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We had been together for about 4 months when he proposed, not long at all. and Im staying in Okinawa for about 2 weeks. haha yea I've heard all about the ****** over there, lol I have to oput some in check for ya. but I know that as long as were happy, thats all that matters, but i would hate for everyone to be making everything more difficult for us ya know?

awww girl congrats! how long are you staying in okinawa?! that's exciting you get to see him!! jesse was in okinawa over a year ago, but we weren't together then.. there's lots of nasty ugly prostitues so hit some for me while you're over there lol<br />
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and I'm 18 too :) my name is vanessa

i'm 18 as well... and getting married in june!!<br />
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who cares what anyone thinks?? as long as your ready and happy that should be enough. and if your family loves you they'll get over it eventually.