Girls I Need You On This One!!!!!

so the past few weeks phil and i have maybe talked for 20 mins all together... i know hes 'busy' training (they have been getting off at 11am i dont know how busy that is!) but on the weekends hes free but spends them at clubs and parties... i would think that since hes leaving soon and we are not going to be able to talk when hes over there that much if at all that he would want to talk to me and see how im handleing everything... but no! he never answers his phone or replys to my text.... i know that he reads all of them right after i send them ( we both have verizon so it tells me when it has been read) how hard is it to just reply?!?!

he seems to be pushing me away... and he always says that he wants to talk to me and misses me and loves me... if all of that was true i would think that he would make some time to talk to me at some point in the day!! sine thats the only way our relationship keeps going right now since we dont get to see eachother... and i even told him all of this and he didnt have any resonse... he just said that he was tired and had to get up early so he was going to bed..

 we have been through sooo much together and this just seems likes something so simple to me!! with the way things have been going i dont see us getting married or even me moving down there at all.... if this is how he is going to treat me now with me not even there and going through so really hard things then who knows what it will be like when we actually are living together and married!


i just dont know what to do!! please help! thank you!!!

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i talked to him about it.. and hes been sick and he never gets sick so hes trying to get over that but doesnt know how!.. and he feels super bad about everything.... we talked for a while i had to help him find thing in the store over the phone to help with a sore throat and ive never been in one of those stores!! but we worked things out i think im just over reacting a little because im so use to talking to him all the time!<br />
<br />
thanks girls!

How soon is he leaving? Right before Patrick deployed the first time, he pushed me away because in his mind it would make it easier. It was odd. I was really confused by it, but I did my best to give him his space and not nag him. Of course, I was really hurt by it because in my mind he was distancing from me before he even left. I think it's fairly common. He regretted it once he was gone and it was so much better before this deployment. <br />
I guess my only advice is to be clear with him how it makes you feel and maybe he will open up to you about how he is feeling.