3 1/2 Mre Days :).....

ok so i have 3 1/2 mre days til i go down to NC to see charles....im goin down there for his bday.  i have NO idea wht to do for him cuz i dont know whats down there.  implus im gunna be down there for 5 days so i might not get to my wrk outs cuz him n i r stayin at one of his friends house. 

is there any of u ladies from jacksonville, nc and have any ideas of wht to do for me to take charles for his bday?


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ok thanks for the help n ideas :)

there are some nice beaches...that would be a good idea as long as its a nice day...cuz its always cooler and windier at the beach (of course) lol...Topsail Island is really nice (me and aaron actually looked at a condo there just today!! :)) umm...other than that theres just like the theatre, bowling, a laser tag place i think lol...if you have any specific questions let me know and ill try to help you out :)

yea i know :) he already told me lol<br />
<br />
i thought about havin dinner on a beach but idk cuz im not from there

maybe him just seeing you will be enough of a present for him :)

When I had gone down there for Thanksgiving there was nothing to do and the marines stationed down there always complain cause there is nothing to do.<br />
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But maybe if its a nice day you can find a beach or something.