Is This Normal!? =(

so tonight, dan called me! i was so happy because his phone is COMPLETLY dead and broken. he just got to 29 palms on tuesday, and ever since then hes been... idk different! like something deffinitly isnt rite here. for example, when he was in fortknox.. we used to talk EVERY single night and everything i said was  " adorable " or " cute "to him. and he used to just make me laugh and smile and now i feel like when i talk to him all i wanna do is be like what the hell. im not used to this side of him i dont like it at all! he keeps going and going and then when he realizes im finally getting upset hes like oh baby im so sorry i love you so much you know your everything to me im serious i love you with all my heart, but how can i believe this when hes basically being rude about every little thing. i didnt evenn do anything wrong! i hope this is normal, i brought up being scared about his feelings changing if we dont get to talk that often anymore and he got SOOOO angry with me! maybe it was all my fault i didnt even say anything that bad! im so confused the last thing i wanna do is push him away, i love him so much!

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3 Responses Mar 29, 2009

yep this is normal...for sure! it will pass its just hard and may be for a little while while you're both getting used to the new situation and new kind of relationship. dont worry just try to stay positive and dont give up...itll be ok :)

like both girls said, its just a stage most Marines go through, im sure things will get better soon.

well darling, I feel like most marines go through this stage when they become distant, he'll come around..<br />
and don't blame yourself! because when you doubt yourself, he doubts you, and that's not what you want at all. Just keep being like you've always been, and I bet things will get better.. he probably just misses you so much he doesn't know how to really handle it.