How I Met My Boyfriend.

Okay well I met my boyfriend January 2007 and we started dating in February of 2007. It was hard because he was stationed in Pensacola FL until June and then he was in Coranado CA until August and now he is back on the east coast in South Carolina. It's hard not being able to see him everyday.I talk to my boyfriend everyday on the phone,texting,or on myspace. Alot of people complain that they dont get to see their boyfriend for a day or two but if you think of the military girlfriends wife's fiances they dont get to see theirs much if thier in a different place.. well if you would like you can write me thru yahoo messenger summer4069 or fine me on myspace... talk to you all later!
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thank you, i dont tell him but im very nervous about him leaving i dont want him to go but i know its what he does.i have 2 dads real an step they were both in the army an my real dad is awesome love him to death an my step-dad is well he has his good attitude an his bad but my step-dad was a dill instructor.SO i dont know if that says anything.ive seen both ways people come out of the military an im jus really praying that my marine turns out ok. an i worry bout his safety i love him so much an it would kill me if i lost him..

It is very hard being a military spouse. My boyfriend is deployed right now, and I normally get to talk to him online every night for 3-4 hrs. But due to the night missions that he has to go on, sometimes its 4 or 5 days between the times we talk. It makes me nervous not knowing if he is ok. All you can do is keep him in your heart untill you can be in his arms again!!!! Good luck to all of you in the difficult times!!! It does get better!!! The home comings are the best!!!

my b/f is at camp Pendelton CA an we been together a few months an i miss him like crazy. he gets deployed in OCT :( i dont know what im gunna do not being able 2 to talk 2 him at night.but i do love him ALOT. im kinda new at this kinda relationship any advice?

thats completley true!!! iv been dating my boyfriend now for almost 3 yrs and hes goin to japan for 2yrs in september

The easiest way to get through a deployment is to keep as busy as possible. Keep a good routine, but deviate from it once in a while to keep your sanity. The busier you are, though, the faster the time will fly.<br />
It's not easy, it's never easy, but you're doing a great thing supporting your Marine.

Where is he in South Carolina? Because my boyfriend is at the MCAS base in Beaufort. We've only been dating about a couple of months, but he's been in the marines for 3 years. We already live over 300 miles apart, but we talk everyday- I know this is going to be very hard, because him living two states away is nothing compared to him going to japan in september- I don't even know if we'll still be together by then, but I hope we are, i'm not really expecting anything, I'm taking it one day at a time...<br><br />
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Does anyone know how to make deployments easier on a new "marine girlfriend"?

It is hard being a military girlfriend, fiance and wife!! My fiance Just left this saturday to Iraq, i only talked to him 2 times since hes left, and the 2 times that Ive spoken to him has been only about 5 min each... Noone knows what us military girlfriend, fiance and wives go through!

my boyfriend is at Parris Island SC right now 4 boot camp and its really hard waken up everday noin that i wont get to talk to him or see him that day... hows everthing goin for you ?

So i am a girlfriend of a marine and it has not been so bad... he is done with boot camp so the hardest part is over i would say. so just wondering cause i am new to this what holidays has your boyfriend noramlly been home for? is thanksgiving one of them?

hello my name is keri i was with my boyfriend 2 years before he left for the marines we broke up because of the struggles with boot camp and not knowing where he would be stationed but luckily for us he is at camp pendelton in ca very close to me and we will be getting married on january 11th 2009 so i wish you the best of luck

good luck to you. I am also a Marine girlfriend. My boyfriend is @ camp lajeune...

I hope it all goes well :)

its workin out good. yea we have talked about it and i believe were gonna be gettin married in 08 were not sure yet we just wanna b married b4 he leaves for iraq.

Oh, thats cool !!! So how is it all working out? You think you'll ever get married to him?