Babies Before Deployment

My guy wants to try to get pregnant before he deploys in September but I want to wait since we are not yet married.  I think this is an emotional decision based on fear.  Has anyone else faced this request from there guy?



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Congrats!!!! I hope your pregnancy is a healthy joyful one.

well Brian and i found out he was deploying last month and well we joked around about having a baby BUT we both knew we werent ready ONE because hes leaving for almost a year to guess what we accidently got preggo i found out not that long ago im 8 weeks well no we arent married but for me its a great feeling i am aware that i am alone on this one meaning he wont be here,BUT then again i am alone on most of the things so to me raising a child we conceved is fine im not scared im happy.<br />
<br />
p.s but dont forget to let him know that you arent ready if your not, and another thing is that NO ONE id EVER ready to be a parent

Al is stationed in 29 Palms. Thank you to everyone for your thoughts. I will be talking with him tonight. :) God Bless

We are from Garland and I agree about waiting I was just wondering if anyone else has gone through these feelings with there guys.