He Broke My Heart...my Best Friend Repaired It.

Well my BF of 5 months dumped me Via txt message I cried and cried. I was not social for a few days until I got a call from my friend Scott hes an Amtracker and Iv known him for almost 4 years now he asked me to hang out with him. We sat and talked about old stories making fun of how we had both changed and then I did it I waited 4 yrs but I finaly did it I leaned over and kissed him which sorta turned to making out. A week later he took me to a big get together on base with his friends and we got even closer. He always sends me lil messages about how he cant wait to see me and hold me and how much he likes me and thinks about me. Hes the last person I thought Id date but Im glad I am.

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6 Responses Apr 24, 2009

Lol ya now Scotts like "Ill pick you up...your not driving." Hes like "I would have been so sad your the only girl in Cali who ever showed any interest in me" haha

Im just glad my sis and her friend wernt hurt.

I wrecked my car 75 mph Dukes of Hazard off a hill into a dip knocked myself out the Fire Dept pulled me out of the car.

I live an hour away in Corona but he has no problem driving out to get me since I totalled my car in an accident shoulda died in the accident now hes protective of me its so sweet

He was in Oki then at Del Mar now he lives in base housing with his married buddy and the wife lol