My Weekend With Derek...long. Sorry In Advance.

IM STILL ALIVE GIRLS! lol. If youre not in the mood to read a happy story or a long one, please refrain from making negative comments. It is not my intention to make anyone jelous or offended with my experience, im just sharing what happened. A lot of you girls were so supportive and I really gotta thank you Kim again for being there for me and checkin in with me :D


Okay so you all know by now that i met my boyfriend for the first time this weekend. i drove 6.5 hours down to VA and i was totally calm and collected the whole friend was with me and we had a lot of fun just doin random shizzle in the car. we checked into our hotel and then I tooka shower to get all fresh n stuff....we drove over to derek's hotel...I ended up meeting him there because it was really inconvenient for him to have a friend drive him all the way to VA beach and then 30 mins back when his check in time was like 1600 and I wasnt gettin there til like 2200 and he didnt want to stay on base so he went to the hotel and took a nap lol....(when he came back from cuba it was discovered that his car would not turn over because it hadnt been run at all in like 3.5 months and I knew about this before I went down) I was the one who suggested it, it didnt really bother me.

Well like 10 mins before we arrived at the hotel I started getting REALLY nervous...I was SOOOOO excited all I could do was "oooooommmmmg" and my friend was like BREATHE! lol it was funny. we passed the hotel cause the streets were weird and so i caught a glimpse of him in the lobby...and then i REALLY started havin a heart attack. Well i ended up not being able to get out of the car for another 5 minutes. At this point I was on the phone with him and I knew he was in the lobby so i went in through the other door and i got closer and heard his voice and i just stopped talking...and then i saw him pacing the hallway and it was really funny because he was pacing all hand behind his back and stuff...and then he saw me as he paced up the hallway and he just stopped and smiled and I was smiling like an idiot and he just walked over and gave me a hug and we went up to his room afer my friend approved of derek lol...we just chilled and talked and listened to some music. really casual which was nice.

He was no different than the man i had been talking to for the past 5 months...he was a lot more handsome tho and of course its more fun when things arent via MSN and phone calls...everything about him is just so right. Second day we went over to the mccarthur center (reaaaallly nice mall btw) and we walked around and bought his mom some oakley sunglasses cause she really wanted foods and then went over to the MCX which was really fun and we just drove around jammin to music. He gave me one of those dog tags that say "I belong to a Marine" on it that I really like...and also gave me a key chain he got me from well as a spoon (weird i know but i collect them. We went back to the hotel room and we watched marley and me which was so cute...we cuddled the whole time etc etc.

Next day we got all ready to go out and we wanted to go down to the beach and all that stuff but the weather wasnt great and we were feelin lazy so we opted to just stay in and cuddle most of the day while talking about everything from how happy we were to deciding that i was going home with him on the 23rd (of this month) to see his family...we talked to his mom and dad on the phone that day and it was HILARIOUS because i learned a lot about his life and where he comes from and i just gotta say his father is absolutely hilarious and im so excited to meet them! it was really nice talkin to his family. his sister was goin to prom that night (this is saturday btw) and he was ready to flip out on her boyfriend because of "what happens after the prom" and his dad was just like...derek, shes 18, theyve been together for 3 years...theyre not doing anything new...which just sent him into an "IM GOING TO KILL THE LIL PUNK WHEN I SEE HIM!" lol. But yeaa he asked where i wanted to go for dinner and i said idk. we ordered dominos up to the hotel room because he was insistant that i try his fav thing...some chicken bacon ranch sandwich thing...the one i heard him eat soon as he got back...HILARIOUS. It was actually really good lol! and hardest day ever. We went to VA beach and checked my friend out of the hotel (cause i stayed with derek) and then we went walking down the board walk and along the sand, it was really sweet just being able to hold his hand and have his arms around me. FUNNIEST THING EVER HAPPENED. I had been trying to get him to tie his shoes since friday and eventually gave up...but we were walking and talking and all of the sudden this 2 year old boy just points and starts throwing one of those "eeeehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh" tantrums like he wanted something important and didnt know how to say it...and was pointing right at derek, so we just walk a little slower and the boy runs up to him and starts pointing furiously down at dereks feet....and manages to say "TIIIIE!" it was SOOOO CUTE i just started laughing and derek turned bright read and the boys mom was cracking up too so he bent down and tied his shoes and asked the boy if he was happy and the boy smiled and did a happy dance thing and then started playing in the sand lol!!! Dereks response "that was embarrassing having my *** handed to me by a 2 year old".     After hours of just being on the beach and stuff we got lunch with my friend (woot woot i got my way and paid for it!) and then had to leave because i had to have him back to base by 1745 for formation.

When i got him to base, he got his stuff out of the trunk we did our goodbyes and then he went through the gate. it was a little heart wrenching but i didnt cry or anything i just knew i was going to miss him. i turned around and drove away feeling weird that i wasnt holding his hand while driving lol.

the car ride home was funny tho because washington DC is so effing confusing even with a GPS lol.....he called me and texted me the whole time and the first thing he texted was right after formation and he said "Im a little depressed...the hardest thing was watching you drive away."

I got home at 0330 and discovered he left his fav cd and a pair od sweatpants from SOI in my suitcase. So i slept in them and we just reminded ourselves its only 2 weeks til memorial day weekend and hes meeting me at the airport so we can fly to his home kind of excited to see him in his dress blues.

ANYWAY that was my weekend. sorry it was long...he and i are an official couple, and yes all the feelings i felt were 100% real! Its a nice feeling. thank you girls again for being here for me!

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I hope you can see him a couple of times before he leaves for japan!! <br />
<br />
and YAY for finals being almost over with! now we await grades right? blah. thats the worst part i think lol!

i see him in two months beacuse his squadron is going to california at the end of this month for a whole month- he said he'll come down back and forth between beaufort and where i live as much as he can after cali and before japan, so that's good :)

:D thanks girls!<br />
<br />
and how funny would it be to see like a group of girls hitch hiking to see their boyfriends get off the bus? i can see it now...bright neon signs and all kinds of stuff lol

aww thats great to hear!

lol! if it ever happens, i'm so taking pictures for proof! the adventures of baby on a mission to camp pendleton lmao!

i'm so with you on that girl! i'll def. be there once jesse gets off the bus. i will hitch hike and do whatever i have to do to get there! lol.

im sure its possible to prove hes human if you catch him off his guard lol! maybe you should try it. it would go down in the history books! lol!! then you would have a lot of ego boosting to do haha

Thankies!!! Together in the same place isnt something we've talked about yet, but yea the 23rd is going to be fun and exciting and kinda scary at the same time lol. <br />
<br />
:D yay for fav. moments! they really are the best!

Knowing me I would have died laughing with the whole shoes thing. <br />
<br />
But Im so happy for you hun. I knew it would go great! Now its back to the same thing until you guys decide to be together in the same place right? Did you guys talk about that at all? Well have a great time on Memorial day weekend.<br />
<br />
Btw I really liked your story. Sounds very sweet. Reminds me sooo much of Adam because we like to chill a lot too. Those are actually my favorite moments because there is no one else around :)

Lol i read something to the effect of "we're going to get drunk then go for a ride on the 4 wheeler" im like "SAY WHAT?!" lol i knew thats not how u meant it but i was like hmm....But that sounds soooo awesome! youre gunna have a kick *** time :D dont scare him too much, you might prove hes still human (ive noticed most men especially marines tend to ignore this fact lol)

Lol that sounds awesome! bonfires are the best! make sure you have marshmallows and all that nummy stuff lol please go for a ride on the 4 wheeler BEFORE you get drunk lol

aw lol! that sounds be veryyy interesting, but it'll be a great time! lol.

oh boy meeting the family. def. being nervous is a given, but i'm sure they'll love you!<br />
<br />
wow i haven't gone camping or fishing in sooo long, but i love being out there every now and then just to get away from all the noise. it's relaxing. should be a fun time!

thankies! im gunna need all the luck i can get lol!<br />
Oo how DID everyones exams go?!

Lol yup i know and im thankful that you girls were concerned! but yup! hes legit lol. <br />
I think by NOT having to do stuff shows just how comfortable a relationship is. if you can spend time together without a billion things being involved its like woot woot! but yea doing stuff is fun too! <br />
Well when i see him on the 23rd we are going up to his home town so ill be meeting his entire family and theyre all having like a huge party so it will be fun and i know we are probably going camping on this lake thing cause they do it all the time and they go fishing which i love so im excited but nervous about meeting the WHOLE family lol

yes, i agree girls. audrey, how did the exam go!?

hun i am the same way. when jesse and i are together, we never really do too much. we love lounging on the couch watching movies from day til night. lol.<br />
<br />
any plans for next time you see him? ;)

well that is your opinion and youre entitled to it. idc i had a great time, im not the kind of person who always has to be out DOING something ya no? idk some people are different. Im just glad i got to spend time with him.

No offense but in my opinion, sounds kinda boring to me...

Glad to here it all went well. x

lol i didnt flaunt it at sister just saw it now and told me "everyone at church thinks this weekend was a bad idea" like they knew exactly what was happening. theyre so full of crap. and there was no pre-marital sex either but youre right they will probably assume there was even though they know me better. lol<br />
<br />
im so glad you had a good time with Thomas!!! that makes me happy! May really was an excellent month lol. <br />
I get to see him in 2 weeks cause they get memorial day weekend off, and he only had a 96 this past weekend because of post deployment. I did luck out on that one tho. When do you see thomas next?

YAYYYY! I'm so excited for youuuu! Thomas actually ended up staying until sunday morning- but we had to say our goodbyes saturday night...<br />
<br />
but that was soooo cute about the shoe tie thing haha, girl i'm glad everything went well, and that you got to see him and WOW two weeks from now? you're lucky!!!<br />
<br />
i'm jealous. lol

thankies!! <br />
My older sister right now is like EWWWWW cause i have a hickie on my neck (shes a prude and has never had a boyfriend.) and apparently no one at my church thought it was a good idea. boohoo. get over it. i hate that people are so judgemental and have to be up in my business all the time.

I am so happy for you! I'm glad that what you felt before was present when you met him. Good luck on the 23rd!!!! =)

omg yay! so happy that you finallyyyy got to spend some time with him. glad you made every second last! ;D

Ooo yikes! that is no bueno! <br />
im not looking forward to him meeting my whole family over 4th of july but thats when hes visting. i know something crazy is going to happen. blah @ family lol

I am really happy for you that it worked out. Congrats and best of luck to you guys!

That little kid was SOOOO CUTE! he was stomping his feet too a bit because he couldnt express what exactly he wanted lol! <BR><BR>Thanks :D