Thomas and the Air Show-

And just a little update on things I guess.

The base Thomas is stationed at (Beaufort MCAS) had their air show this past weekend. So of course Thomas had to work all weekend, BUT he got to fly with the blue angels. I thought that was pretty cool, he said him and a couple of other guys were chosen, and he had fun. He's doing good, I actually got a phone call today- which I wasn't expecting at alllllll. And he also sent me this picture via text message.

they went upside down and did flips in that. I was expecting something somewhat smaller maybe? haha. But he's doing good, I'm doing good- How is everyone else doing?? You can fill me in : )

OH, and this is random but I had a job interview today. It's important that I get the job so wishhhh me luck on getting it!

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2 Responses May 18, 2009

I knowwww, I love it when they come to Tyndall. But I haven't been in a while either.

yeah I'm happy he had a good time... and thank you!