Tryin to Stay Strong

Hi my name is Stefy, and I just got married to my best friend my hero my love on 7-7-07. A week after we got married he got deployed to Japan till july 15th 2008. I am really upset and i dont know what to do some days... its really hard and i miss him to death...we have 2 beautiful boys who love theyre daddy to death....Hes our Rock and we cant wait till he comes home..
MarineWife231 MarineWife231
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1 Response Sep 9, 2007

How is everything going? My bf leaves for boot camp soon I'm gunna go crazy just gunna stay positive what all did you do while he was gone to stay sane?

My fiance is in bootcamp now, it can get hard at times. But working keeps me occupied. I have a count down till the next time i see him on my phone and the days seem to go by so fast when you keep yourself occupied. I work M-F and go to the gym on weekends. After the first two weeks, things got a bit easier. At first it seems like you cant live with him out of your presence. Hopefully thing s turned out okay for you J1911 (: